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Current Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce Susan G. Komen Iowa's 2014 grant slate, awarding nearly $400,000 to the following recipients:

Iowa Department of Public Health “Breast Cancer Screening for Iowa’s Underserved, Low-Income Women”

The Iowa Department of Public Health will provide access to breast screening and diagnostic services to 680 low-income, uninsured or underinsured women throughout the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Iowa Affiliate service area.  Access to mammography will be targeted to women who are eligible for the Iowa Care for Yourself (CFY) Program.  Services will be offered to women who access screening through the local enrollment sites.  This project will work through the CFY Program to reimburse mammography facilities for providing 680 mammograms and computer aided detection (CAD) for 1,100 women.  This project will provide reimbursement to facilities for mammography and CAD at the Medicare Part B reimbursement rate.  Women will receive comprehensive screenings including breast exams prior to mammography.  An expected impact is for about 122 (18%) of the 680 women to have abnormal screening results and require diagnostic services.  The diagnostic services will be paid by the CFY Program and referred to the Medicaid Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Option for treatment services if necessary.  Evaluation will include analysis of the collected screening data to show clinical outcomes.  With this project, each program coordinator will be expected to help with dissemination of a breast educational tool to the general population.  The activity is to raise awareness for the need of regular mammograms.


Methodist Jennie Ed “Navigating the Continuum of Care One Patient at a Time”

The “Navigating the Continuum of Care One Patient at a Time” initiative is supported by 17 organizations in Pottawattamie, Mills, Cass & Adair counties.  These organizations came together two years ago to form the Cancer Care Community Outreach Advisory Committee (CCCOAC) under the vision and leadership of Susan G. Komen Iowa Affiliate through a grant to grow outreach effort in each county.  Focusing on education and awareness, the plan is to continue to expand outreach activities while developing a social media campaign through Facebook and website.  Further, the plan is to engage target populations by leveraging existing partnerships and by connecting with health coaches in the community health center and physician clinics.  The partnership will include departments at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital as well as Cass and Adair counties to institute a standardized reminder card that will be sent to all current patients in an effort to increase the number of women who return the following year for a mammogram.  Free clinical breast exam screenings will be offered in each county to reach un/underinsured women.  For patients who are diagnosed with cancer, each patient will be guided through the continuum of care from active treatment to survivorship, working with them to help break down some of their barriers to accessing care.  The VP of Patient Safety and Quality will lead the evaluation efforts and will enhance and standardize current Excel tracking systems.


Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health “North Iowa Breast Health Resource Project”

The North Iowa Breast Health Resource Project has made strides in to increase the knowledge and awareness of mammography screening services.  This 15 county (Bremer, Butler, Cerro Gordo, Chichasaw, Floyd, Franklin, Hancock, Hardin, Howard, Humbolt, Kossuth, Mitchell, Winnebago, Worth, Wright) regional project’s purpose is to detect breast cancer early, begin treatment sooner and save lives.  The Cerro Gordo County Department of Health’s experience along with our partners’ experience allows to serve women in this capacity.  With partners, the organization has the right stakeholders involved to drive the project successfully.  With the utilization of BCCEDP funding, area coordinators maximize resources to serve more women through the continuum of care.  Using and established system to refer women into the project is effective in reaching more women than each entity can do alone.  Key activities include working together to provide screenings and diagnostic services beyond BCCEDP, aiding women in navigating the health system and educating the public to move women to action.  Process and impact measures are used to measure effectiveness.  Process measure include number of enrollees, screenings, diagnostics needed and diagnostics completed.  Impact measures include the increase in mammograms and increase in awareness.  The resulting change is serving more women efficiently and effectively to reduce breast cancer mortality in north Iowa.


Polk County Health Department “Polk County Uninsured, Underinsured & Minority Breast Health Care Program”

The primary purpose of PCHD’s Breast Health Initiative is to increase services for early breast cancer detection to increase access, well-being and survival rates for women/men.  Health disparities for low-income and minorities are addressed including interpretation/translation services.  Objectives continue to focus heavily on awareness, education, screening, diagnosis, support and linkages to appropriate treatment and community resources as needed.  Project staff and partners recruit eligible participants with a focus on reaching low-income, uninsured, underinsured, African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino women/men.  A strong focus is placed on reaching women/men who are not connected to health care/support services.  The Nurse Case Manager is responsible for completing assessments, developing individualized plans of care, making referrals, providing education, linking participants to care, and providing case management. IN FY 2012-2013, the PCHD provided health, case management, support and intervention services to 2,281 (1,273 Komen/1,008 Care of Yourself).  A total of 379 women (235 Komen, 144 KFY) received diagnostic services and intensive case management.  Seventeen women (7 Komen/10 CFY) were diagnosed with breast cancer; and received case management, support and treatment services (including facilitated enrollment in BCC-T Special Medicaid).  Of the women diagnosed with breast cancer during the fiscal year, 44.0% were under 50 years of age.