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Current Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce Komen Iowa Affiliate's 2013 grant slate, awarding more than $600,000 to the following recipients:

Buena Vista Regional Medical Center “The Breast Health Project”

Buena Vista Regional Medical Center announces the availability of no cost mammogram services to women in Buena Vista County and surrounding area. Mammogram and related breast services will be provided at no charge to women who qualify and meet income guidelines. Family Health Center, Buena Vista Clinic and the United Community Health Center located in Storm Lake, Iowa are partnering with Buena Vista Regional Medical Center to provide needed services to women. Bilingual breast health education is provided to all participating women. The Center for Women will sponsor breast health education classes 3 times a year for women in the region who are interested. For more information call 712-213-8692 or visit:

Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health “North Iowa Breast Health Resource”

This project will join a 15 county region to expand the breast health portion of the Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program and enhance education of breast health to drive women to action. The program will provide women access to and to utilize breast health services, by regionalizing services, screening and/or diagnostic services for eligible women, aid women in navigating the health system and provide a public education campaign to move women to action.  For more information call 641-421-9315 or visit:

Iowa Department of Public Health "Breast Screening for Iowa's Underserved, Low-Income Women"

The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) will provide access to breast screening and diagnostic services to 3,009 low-income, uninsured or underinsured women throughout the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Iowa Affiliate service area. Access to mammography will be targeted to women who are eligible for the Iowa Care for Yourself (CFY) Program. Services will be offered to women who access screening through the 23 local enrollment sites located in the Iowa Affiliate area. This project will work through the CFY Program to reimburse mammography facilities at the Medicare Part B rate for providing mammography and computer-aided detection (CAD) for 664 women. An additional 2,345 women will have CAD reimbursed at the Medicare Part B reimbursement rate. Women will receive comprehensive breast screenings including clinical breast exams prior to mammography. An expected impact of this project is for about 126 of the 664 women and 445 of 2,345 to have abnormal screening results and require diagnostic follow-up services. Women needing diagnostic services will have the services paid by the federally-funded CFY Program, and referred to the Medicaid Treatment Option for treatment service if necessary. Evaluation will include analysis of the collected screening and diagnostic data to show clinical outcomes  For more information call 515-242-6200 or visit:

Linn County Public Health "Rural Provider and Education Sustainability in East Central Iowa"

The purpose of the Rural Provider Education and Sustainability in East Central Iowa (RPESECI) is to reduce breast cancer risks through early detection, and to increase screening and treatment resources for rural, underserved communities in eastern Iowa. Specifically, the RPESECI is an intervention initiative that targets healthcare and safety-net providers in rural Jones, Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Linn, and Johnson counties. This project will achieve the following: 1) increase the number of referrals for breast cancer screenings from rural healthcare providers; 2) reduce barriers to access by building and sustaining relationships with and among rural healthcare and safety-net service providers; and, 3) increase the number of breast cancer screening rates in the target area. The RPESECI project will reach the target population by utilizing Susan G. Komen breast self-awareness messaging and materials. Activities will include trainings for providers; placement of screening reminders in visible locations throughout the communities, and; communicating the presence and impact of the project to community leaders. Evaluation will include quantitative and qualitative methods throughout the project to gauge success in achievement of milestones as well as barriers to implementation. The multi-spectrum approach of this project will capture the minds of the targeted individuals which will capture their hearts and ultimately get the feet moving towards the fight against breast cancer.  For more information call 319-892-6000 or visit:

Loring Hospital “You’re Worth It”

Loring Hospital’s "You’re Worth It" spreads breast cancer awareness and provides mammograms to low-income women. "You’re Worth It" focuses on busy women – the caregiver, taxi driver, cook, maid, and more, while being a mother, wife, or grandmother.  The project brings attention to the one hour a year for a mammogram, and five minutes for a self-exam every month.  For more information call 712-662-6419 or visit:

Mercy Medical Center-Des Moines “Mammography Reminder Outreach Project”

The purpose of this project is to develop and implement an electronic reminder system with the goal of helping more women schedule and receive their mammogram screening. Women will be recruited to enroll to receive an email or text reminder before they are due for their mammogram, and following, if they do not make an appointment. Women will also receive quarterly informational emails focused on breast and mammography education. The goal of the project is to implement the reminder system at 16 mammogram screening locations, with special recruitment efforts on hospitals in communities experiencing high breast cancer incidence rates. The project will be evaluated by the success of the establishment of the electronically-based system, number of emails/text addresses acquired, and an increase in number of mammograms. Our end goals of the program are to acquire an estimated 15,000 emails/text addresses within a year, and to see an increase in mammograms at each screening location by 3%.  For more information call 515-247-3121 or visit: 

Peoples Community Health Clinic, Inc. “Improving access to mammography”

The purpose of “Improving access to mammography” is to assure that women ages 40-65 who are covered by the limited benefit IowaCare program receive recommended breast health screening by mammography.  The program will improve awareness and compliance among PCHC medical providers in conducting and ordering recommended breast health screening then assuring access through transportation assistance, care navigation and funding for community-based screening mammography.  For more information call 319-272-4311 or visit:

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland “Clinical Breast Exams for Women in Pottawattamie, Montgomery, and Clay Counties”

The purpose of PPHeartland's breast health exam and referral program is to provide women in Clay, Montgomery and Pottawattamie Counties (IA) access to breast health information, education and clinical breast exams (CBEs) through the three PPHeartland health centers located in Spencer, Council Bluffs and Red Oak, IA. An emphasis is placed on poor and uninsured or under-insured female patients who otherwise would not normally access or seek screening due to the inability to pay for an exam. The program provides education and information by a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and community health worker in an education session prior to a breast exam. The education is followed by a CBE performed by a trained and certified nurse clinician. If abnormalities are detected through the breast exam, the patient is referred to a provider to obtain a mammogram and/or further testing to determine the nature of the abnormality. Education and exams are evaluated through patient satisfaction surveys conducted with each patient visit. PPHeartland expects the program to provide access to breast health care to many women who would otherwise be unable to access or afford care. Identifying breast abnormalities will result in further testing to detect cancer occurrences earlier and in women who may not have otherwise sought a CBE or further testing on their own. With early detection, patients are able to obtain early treatment and better their chances of surviving the disease.  For more information call 319-272-4311 or visit:

 Polk County Health Department "Polk County Uninsured, Underinsured, and Minority Breast Health Care Program"

Since its existence for 16 plus years, the Polk County Uninsured, Underinsured, and Minority Breast Health Care Program, a community based program, is to provide leadership and coordination of breast care outreach, patient, provider and community education, screening, mammograms, diagnostics, treatment, and case-management (follow-up) services. In the past, Polk County Health Department (PCHD) has provided services to people in fifteen counties, including Polk, through an “open door” policy to serve anyone that lives in any of the 81 counties in the Komen Des Moines Affiliate area. For more information call 515-286-3752 or visit:

Visiting Nurse Association of Pottawattamie County, IA “Breast Cancer Patient Assistance”

A breast cancer diagnosis can be terrifying, and the out-of-pocket expenses associated with the ensuing battle extremely difficult to bear, even for those fully covered by insurance. The financial pressure of extra expenses including medication, prostheses or wigs, and transportation costs (especially for those in the more rural areas of the state as they travel to and from treatment), is often as overwhelming as the disease. In addition, it many times becomes difficult to cover even basic expenses, such as food, utilities, and child care. The Breast Cancer Assistance Program seeks to ease these hardships by alleviating immediate financial needs, providing emotional support, and connecting patients with community resources. Services to the client are tailored to their particular need. Evaluation includes the use of satisfaction surveys, and collection of data regarding service provision and impact. It is expected that this support will assist with transportation and other concerns for approximately 20-30 women in Iowa, enabling them to focus their energy on recovery. For more information call 402-930-4075 or visit: